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Buddy's book Hand in Hand with Hanon.

New Book for all Wind Instrument Players by Buddy DeFranco

Buddy DeFranco

     Hand in Hand with Hanon is a valuable learning aid for those wind players seriously interested in modern jazz. Now you too can learn from the master. Jazz legend Buddy DeFranco's unique study guide promises to become the standard in clarinet technique. Where else can you find:

  • Hanon Piano Exercises Transcribed in All Keys for Clarinet and Wind Instruments
  • Basic Studies for Jazz Improvisation
  • Four Original Jazz Pieces - Including Piano, Bass, & Drum Parts

"My idol, Buddy DeFranco, who helped me turn the corner has come up with one of the best exercise studies for the clarinet. If you play all of these exercises first, slowly and then up to tempo, you will be prepared for anything."
Eddie Daniels

"This is it! Buddy has done it again. The best way to develop complete freedom of expression in playing Jazz clarinet."
Ronnie Oldrich

"Unique studies from a 'unique' clarinetist -- Bravo Buddy DeFranco."
Stanley Drucker

"These exercises are great technique builders! If they are practiced faithfully they can work miracles. I use them as part of my daily warm-up. Thanks Buddy, you were always out front."
Bunky Green

"Here is a book for the development of technique that will prove to be of immense value to clarinetists of all ages, at all levels of development, and for benefit in the interpretation of all styles of music. Hand in Hand with Hanon is akin to being hand in hand with DeFranco."
Eugene Rousseau, Ph.D